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Wildlife wonders of China

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China is a country rich in bio-diversity that boasts gorgeous natural landscapes and wildlife, many unique to its land. Award winning nature photographer Xi Zhinong spent 30 years taking photos along rivers and across mountains, capturing the animals and natural wonders of China. Through his lens, a Yunnan snub-nosed monkey can be seen jumping between trees with her baby in her arms; thousands of Tibetan antelopes migrate in the wind and snow; and a takin, or gnu goat, couple is caught sharing a kiss atop a mountain ridge. Wildlife Wonders of China will lead you to the vast territory of China through photos, from the roof of the world—the Tibetan Plateau—to dry western China and the moist eastern lands influenced by monsoons. Gain insight into the changing environment in China, and be enchanted by the unique and beautiful animals living there.

About the Author:
Xi Zhinong is a renowned wildlife photographer, the founder of Wild China Film and a long time devotee to the photography and protection of Chinese wildlife. His strong passion for the Yunnan snub-nosed monkey, an animal that was little known to the public until his documented photos, was evident through the protection of their primary forest habitats. He was the first photographer to report on the crisis of the Tibetan antelopes that were being killed recklessly, bringing the global focus to the protection of them. His Wild China Film and Chinese Wildlife Photography Training Camp helped to increase efforts dedicated to nature protection with photos. Xi Zhinong is the first Chinese photographer to win the Gerald Durrell Award for Endangered Wildlife, and is the only Chinese photographer to be part of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP). In 2002, his documentary 'Mystery of Yunnan Snub-Nosed Monkey' won the prestigious TVE Award at the 12th Wildscreen Film Festival in the UK. In 2010, he was named one of the 40 most influential conservation photographers in the world by UK's Outdoor Photography. His photos of wild animals have been published in National Geographic, GEO and BBC Wildlife.


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