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Candide and others works

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Voltaire is one of the three greatest French writers of the eighteenth century. He fought against religious persecution, bigotry and injustice throughout his life, and is one of the thinkers who prepared the way for the French Revolution. This volume contains: Zadig (1748), the story of a young man who becomes king of Babylon Candide (1759), Voltaires most famous tale of all and (in a new translation by Editor James Fowler) The Ingenu (1767), in which the hero, raised by Huron Indians, discovers the ways of Europe. The heroes of these tales are young, handsome, talented, and naive. All three are animated by Voltaires sparkling wit, but also by his dark satire of ancient regime society. The volume closes with a new translation of Nanine, Voltaires threeact comedy which was seen, first as dangerously meritocratic, then as antirevolutionary. The hero falls in love with a servant girl: but will he overcome societys prejudice and marry her?


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