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The Olympic Album

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The Olympic Games punctuate our lives, and have captured the world s imagination for over 110 years. From a small international sports meeting inspired by amateur ideals, the games have grown to become the largest single sporting event on earth. The first modern games, in 1896, had only 241 athletes from 14 nations; in Beijing in 2008 more than 11,000 athletes represented 204 countries. The Olympic Album traces the history of this remarkable phenomenon in a series of stunning images that capture the spirit of the games motto: Faster, Higher, Stronger . It tracks not only the Olympic Games but also the Winter Olympics, first held in 1924. Many of the images celebrate outstanding athletes. Some have dominated a single game, winning a number of events; others are more notable for their longevity, competing in a series of games. Still others are associated with a single feat a lightning sprint, a prodigious leap, a perfect score that is etched on the memory of all those who witnessed it. The games 50 in all are arranged in chronological order. Each games opens with a summary of its dates, location, sports and competitors. The images themselves provide a flavour of the particular games, with outstanding individuals, moments of drama or heartbreak, or breath-taking spectacle.


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