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How to look great on any budget


Looking good, and feeling great, is within the reach of most people as long as they have right products, diet, attitude and discipline. Beauty is no longer something possessed by a blessed few. Modern beauty products mean that improving your looks is nothing like the chore it used to be, and few things put a spring in your step like knowing that you look well-groomed, glowing with health and dressed to impress. Many thousands of people have had surgical procedures to enhance their breasts, lift sagging skin and tired-looking features, and subsequently report increased happiness and confidence. But it might not even be necessary to go that far - the answer to a fresher face and more confident outlook could be in your beauty or hairdressing salon, bathroom cabinet, wardrobe or even your fridge! And sometimes the answer is in your head! Confidence starts in the mind. This book gives practical advice on how to makethe best of the way you look - face, hair and body - whatever your budget.


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Rosalyn Patrick
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25 x 126 x 193

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