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Classical Music: An Introduction w/CD


The history of classical music is very much the history of western civilization; a reflection of the ages in which the individual composers lived and of the instruments that they could call upon.In "Classical Music - An Introduction," the reader is taken through the history of classical music from its mediaeval origins through to the modern era. Individual sections describe the great periods - Mediaeval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Early Romantic, Romantic and Post World War 1 - putting the development of classical music into context and highlighting the most significant pieces and composers to emerge from each era.Alongside the narrative history, individual sections provide biographies of the most famous composers and detail their most important works.Finally, the book also examines how instruments evolved and how the sound of the modern orchestra differs from that of its earlier forms.In chronicling the history of classical music and outlining the most influential composers with their works, "Classical Music - An Introduction "seeks both to explode the myth that classical music is somehow elitist and also to make all aware of the beauty of almost 1000 years of great and evocative music.Includes a CD with a selection of the world's greatest classical music.


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Peter Waller
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19 x 274 x 276

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