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Buddha in the Waiting Room: Simple Truths About Health, Illness, and Healing


In 1976, when Dr. Paul Brenner went on sabbatical from his traditional medical practice and began counseling individuals with life-threatening illnesses, he began to realize that, contrary to his medical training, he did not have all the answers. Following his intuition and listening to the profound wisdom of the terminally ill, Dr. Brenner gained a new understanding on the nature of health, illness, and healing. Buddha in the Waiting Room transcends the traditional boundaries of modern medical practice by taking some of the divinity out of the profession and empowering the person on the other side of the stethoscope. Dr. Brenner draws on his perspective of more than fifty years in the medical profession to deliver a poignant and timely redefinition of health as a living process. This is a humorous and touching account of a logic-driven realist who is reluctantly transformed by the wisdom he finds in an unexpected place: the hearts and minds of those he has been entrusted to heal....


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Paul Brenner
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229 x 152 x 11

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