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Heart breaker

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The outstanding thriller from the bestselling author of Bite.

Veteran BBC journalist Chris Wyrecliffe finds himself in the Middle East as the Arab Spring explodes into life. Back on the front line at last, he s stumbled across the biggest story of his life. But two women have a hold on him. One, a wealthy Saudi beauty, he has loved since the first moment he saw her. The other, a feisty young Palestinian refugee, loves him with a frightening intensity. Wyrecliffe is caught between them in a dangerous game, the implications of which are as extreme as they are hidden... For in the dark Al Qaeda underworld hides a man with the veteran journalist in his sights. With the clock ticking, Wyrecliffe could be the instrument of a terrorist plot astonishing in its ingenuity and daring...


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Nick Louth
Kód zboží
Počet stránek
24 x 129 x 198

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