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Lips: How to wear lipstick, lipgloss and lift your lip game


In Lips make-up artist Nastasha Devedlaka shows you how a little bit of lippy can build your confidence, boost your mood and completely change your look. Nothing makes a girl pop like a bright burst of colour! And it takes just a few minutes to apply.Natasha starts with basic lip care - exfoliating and prepping - and the basics of applying lipstick. She teaches readers how to pick the best colours for their skin tone, how to make their lips look plumper, how to make their lipstick last all day and much more. Learn how to aply lipliner, treat chapped lips, and try a daring new colour that will completely change your face. Natasha also shares her favourite products, from high-end to more affordable brands.


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Natasha Devedlaka Price
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