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New Bus for London


More than 60 years ago a new bus was designed for operation on the streets of London. The Routemaster, developed by London Transport in conjunction with the manufacturers AEC and Park Royal, was to set a standard for bus operation in the capital which was to endure for more than 50 years. It became a symbol for the city and was regarded as one of the greatest industrial designs of the 20th century. When it was finally taken out of service in 2005, many felt London lost something. But in 2008, the prospective London Mayoral candidate Boris Johnson promised to deliver the first purpose-designed bus for the metropolis if he were successful. And so after his election the development of the New Routemaster began. The first prototypes were delivered in time for the London 2012 Olympics and it is now starting to revolutionise the streetscape of London. Written with the full co-operation of Transport for London, Heatherwick Studio and Wrightbus, this is the inside story of how the New Routemaster came into existence and how it will shape the operation of bus services in London for the next generation.


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Martin S. Curtis
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11 x 250 x 250

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