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If you're looking for one cookbook that contains every classic dish, then this is the one to choose. From soups and stews to roasts, curries, rice dishes, desserts and sweet confections, this book contains them all. Whatever your skill level, from beginner to experienced family cook, there are recipes here that will teach you new skills and add to your culinary repertoire. Learn to bone fish, carve meat, marinate ingredients, fry, roast, poach, braise, grill, and bake. Each tried-and-tested recipe features step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, with any complex stages clearly and concisely explained. A photograph of the finished dish will inspire your menu planning and show how each recipe should look. You can learn to make a white sauce, then flavour it with other ingredients, make batter, bake a cake, cook pasta al dente, roast your favourite meat and prepare a meal, getting all the elements ready at the same time. From coq au vin, to steak tartare and classic Swiss roll, this recipe book contains them all.


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June Holm
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24 x 199 x 236

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