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Doggie and a Pussycat: How they wrote a letter


Dear children,
as you well know we both like you a lot and that is why we are writing you a letter today; it’s not long but it is important. You see, both of us, the doggie and the pussycat, we think that you like us a lot, and so we are writing to you because we want you to like all the doggies and pussycats in the whole wide world. That is why this book about us is called How They Wrote a Letter, because it is important that you not only find out what is written in this letter, but also what has been happening about that letter and in fact how all of this have happened. Writing such a letter is a hard work even for children, let alone for doggies and pussycats. However, you will find out all about it in a greater detail in this book, so we better not tell you too much about it beforehand. We will only remind you that any pain hurts doggies and pussycats just as much as it hurts you, the children. So remember it well and if you forget it sometimes, quickly go and read this book again and everything will be all right.

This title is available only in the store Budget Books (Lazarská 1) or via Czech Post delivery.


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Josef Čapek
Kód zboží
Počet stránek
11 x 186 x 217

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