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Prague then and now


From the early Middle Ages, Prague, with its hundreds of towers touching the sky, was expected to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Despite a history full of violence coups and bitter periods, living Prague is a vibrant city, interested in its world-famous architecture, culture, historical monuments and natural beauty. Experience the beauty and often the tragic history of this "golden city" with the help of sixty-nine pairs of remarkable photographs in Prague, past and present. See Prague's most famous monument, Charles Bridge (completed in 1400), along with a fascinating photograph of the destruction of the bridge after the flood in 1890. Visit Golden Lane, the home of goldsmiths in the 17th century and the home of Franz Kafka. Some buildings look like centuries ago, others are changing beyond recognition. Prague bears the scars of war and occupation. Compare the photo of the Old Town Square, look at the Gothic chapel and the neo-Gothic wing after the Nazi attack in 1945. The Prague-hated 17,000-ton statue of Josef Stalin at the Summer Destination in 1962, replaced by the metronome of David Černý. Currently, Prague is a popular destination for tourists from the ongoing world. You may notice a photo of the McDonald's restaurant on the site of Casino Palace Sylva-Taroucca. The book offers a fascinating parallel time travel, who loves the city of Prague waiting to be missed.


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J.M. Lau
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250 x 288 x 17
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