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Frozen Thames


In its long history, the river Thames has frozen solid forty times. These are the stories of that frozen river. And so opens this breathtaking and original work of forty vignettes based on events that actually took place each time the river froze between 1142 and 1895. In breathtaking prose, acclaimed novelist Helen Humphreys deftly draws us into these intimate moments and transports us through time. Whether it's Queen Matilda trying to escape her besieged castle in a snowstorm, or lovers meeting on the frozen river in the plague years, or a simple farmer persuading his oxen that the ice is safe, Humphrey's achingly beautiful prose acts like a photograph, capturing a moment and etching it forever on our imaginations. Stunningly designed and illustrated throughout with full-colour period art, The Frozen Thames is a genre-bending work from one of our most respected writers.


Parametry produktu

Helen Humphreys
Kód zboží
22 x 130 x 150

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