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Goddess Experience


More than 1000 valuable tips that anyone can afford, to bring a little Goddess magic into your life.

Following on from the amazing success of style bible The Goddess Guide, The Goddess Experience reveals hundreds of experiences, large and small, for all budgets, to enable all of us to unleash our inner goddess. From dressing tables to dim-sum, trainers to tea, pod hotels to pop-up stores, Gisele brings us the people, places and things to make you smile...

* Dicsover how to create luxury in your own home
* Explore Gisele's secret address book for all the top places in some of the world's hottest cities
* Create scrumptious dishes at home from simple and delicious recipes
* Go shopping for the perfect wardrobe basics and pick up Gisele's top tips on how to care for bags and shoes
* Read exclusive interviews with Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith and Lauren Laverne
* Join Gisele on the hunt for the perfect cake and cuppa

Whatever kind of Goddess you are, you're sure to find inspiration on every page of this beautifully packaged, sumptuously designed book, guaranteed to bring Goddess magic into every life.


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Gisele Scanlon
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24 x 136 x 188

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