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Gardener's Year: Create, Care For and Enjoy Your Garden Season by Season (DK)

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Make the most of your garden all year round with gardening tips and inspiration for every season. The Gardener's Year will help you create, care for, and enjoy a colourful and fruitful garden throughout the year, from the sight of the first spring flowers to the last of the autumn harvest. Packed with timely tips, this invaluable gardening guide is full of planting ideas, reminders, and how-tos for every month of the year. You'll find helpful advice on seasonal gardening jobs, when to plant, and ideas for every area of the garden, including beds, borders, patios, and vegetable gardens. An at-a-glance planting calendar clearly shows each month's tasks, including sowing, planting, watering, feeding, pruning and harvesting, while illustrated step-by-step gardening projects flag up handy techniques that all gardeners should know, including growing potatoes, pruning and taking cuttings from plants, and caring for a lawn. Star plants for every season are picked out for you and specific plants are recommended for different uses such as scent, cut flowers, ground cover, and even which plants attract butterflies. With advice on what and when to plant for stunning garden displays, how to grow vegetables, beautiful flower garden ideas, and the very best plants for colour, scent, and year-round pleasure in your garden, The Gardener's Year is the perfect gift for gardeners.


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