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First Learner's Dictionary


This engaging dictionary for children aged 6+ to adult beginners has a clear, legible design that is easy to read, with 250 fun, friendly and attractive illustrations throughout. This first learner's dictionary is an accessible book for anyone studying English for the first time. Parts of speech are given their full forms for clarity; a spelled-out pronunciation guide is given for harder words; and every definition has an accompanying example sentence to show the word in use.

* suitable for primary school pupils aged 6+ (Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2), and ESOL levels 1 and 2

* contains over 2500 headwords and a further 2000 references * word meanings are clearly and concisely explained; definitions are in plain English and each one is on a new line to aid readability * example sentences are given for every definition to show proper usage.

*numbered meanings aid comprehension and accessibility * irregular plurals and verb forms listed * pronunciation guide for difficult words * full colour illustrations throughout.

* an introduction to basic grammar.


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12 x 165 x 234

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