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Japanese Cooking

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This book explores the rich history and traditions of Japanese food preparation, cooking and presentation. It features a comprehensive look at the wide range of ingredients, many of which are unique to the Japanese kitchen. It covers everything you need to know about Japanese cooking equipment and utensils, from steamers and rice cookers to sushi rolling mats and tempura fryers. You can experience the simple, elegant culinary delights of Japan, such as sushi, sashimi, miso soups, noodles, tofu, tempura and much more. Dishes cover all the components of a traditional Japanese meal: rice and sushi; soups and noodles; vegetables and seaweed dishes; beans, tofu and egg dishes; fish and shellfish; poultry and meat recipes; and also some delectable desserts. Taking pleasure in the preparation, cooking and presentation of food is true of all cultures but none more so than the Japanese. Cooking in Japan is centred around natural ingredients and characterized by simplicity and attention to detail. In this book, an illustrated directory explores the ingredients you will need, and each chapter shows you how to create popular Japanese dishes such as miso soup, tempura and salmon teriyaki. Clear, informative text and photographs cover all the essentials of preparation, equipment, cooking methods and techniques. A beautiful and informative guide, this is a book to be treasured by all who enjoy creating simple and elegant food.


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Emi Kazuko
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25 x 236 x 297

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