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Cybercrime and the darknet


With the growth of the internet came a new type of crime. Using the un-indexed corners of the internet that make up what is known as the "dark net" criminals carry on their business online as fluently as in the real world. Identity theft and fraud have become both simpler and more profitable for enterprising criminals. New black markets like the "silk road" have sprung up that allow customers to buy anything they desire - from drugs to guns to child pornography. Meanwhile authorities struggle to regulate these new arenas. The internet has also created new threats to international security through cyber attacks like the "stuxnet" virus. Not all hacking is so bad - some hackers try to use their skills for humane and political purposes. From the Wikileaks revelation to the DDOS attacks of Anonymous, groups of activist hackers have attempted to hold authorities to account and force them into greater transparency.


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Cath Senker
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20 x 134 x 200

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