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Antonino Tati (editor of Cream Magazine) celebrating 20 years of publishing by pulling together an anthology of unorthodox interviews from the music industry - delving into the juicier subjects like sex and sexuality, drink and drugs, money and politics, race and religion, and the pitfalls of fame and faux pas of the famous. He has added his memoirs of behind the-scenes antics: an up-close look at the music industry at work and play. If I had to compare it to one other interview anthology it would be Neil Strauss' Everyone Loves You When You're Dead. Content: The anthology interview lists (in alphabetical order): Abbe May, Adam Lambert, Ben Lee, Beyonce, BjOrk, Boz Scaggs, Bryan Ferry, Calvin Harris, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Dame Edna, Dandy Warhols, Darren Hayes and David Bowie.


Parametry produktu

Antonino Tati
Kód zboží
30 x 165 x 240

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