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Alive natural history museum


The Stories Behind The Museum s Great Extinct Creatures. This beautifully illustrated book explores the incredible array of extinct creatures chosen by David Attenborough in his acclaimed film Natural History Museum Alive 3D. Amongst others it includes dinosaurs, ice age beasts, giant birds and colossal apes. Each chapter investigates the stories and myths surrounding the discovery of these priceless specimens and reveals the surprising true stories behind their journey to the Museum s display cabinets. Challenging the somewhat fanciful Victorian interpretations of these extinct animals with expert analysis by scientists from the Natural History Museum and further afield, Amabel Adcock pieces together the clues, revealing the creatures in a new light and gaining a fresh understanding of what they looked like and how they lived. The text is accompanied by the very latest computergenerated imagery which uses levels of detail and accuracy never seen before to bring these extinct creatures to life. With a foreword by David Attenborough and written in consultation with the world s leading palaeontologists, Natural History Museum Alive illuminates the bizarre history and new scientific insights behind these magnificent creatures. This spectacular book is released to tie in with the Sky 3D & Sky 1's television event Natural History Museum Alive 3D. From the dodo to Dippy the Diplodocus, each chapter explores each creature s history and how it came to be in the NHM. Stunning computer-generated images taken from the film are included alongside stills from the NHM archive, bringing each creature to life.


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Amabel Adcock
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17 x 234 x 269

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