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Out Of The Woods


This book is a guide for the maturing man: complete with route-finder, service areas, scenic highlights and emergency callout advice. It gathers the best wisdom and experience of many men on enjoying your best years to the full, on the skills you need to handle the losses and shipwrecks, and on how to grow through them. It offers insights, inspiration, practical advice and resources for further help.The aim is simple: enjoy life now! The book offers wisdom from the unexpected, like a Wiltshire wood, football, Sufi mystics, car maintenance, and heroic myth.

Topics in the book include:

Change and renewal.
A fresh look at relationships.
Work, money - and fulfilment.
Tackling health issues.
Family Dynamics: ageing parents and lots more.
Last Chance Saloon: addictions, anger, depression, alternatives.
Dreams, dawns, dying, inspiration.
Giving and receiving: friends, groups, communities.
Sex: Yes you can!
Maturing organically: sustaining your happiness, giving back.

The book offers an easy, entertaining read to guide men through this new stage of life.It's also helpful for partners, family and friends who want to understand and support them.To handle new needs and challenges there are self test exercises, and further resource guides.


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Alan Heeks
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21 x 178 x 235
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